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Literally one of the most honest books on wedding photography you will ever read!

A book designed to open a new door to a world you did not know existed!

See the light. Capture the light. Bend the light. Be the light.

In this book, David Beckstead brings to you his almost two decades of professional wedding photography experience.

Known for his dynamic compositions and skill in using natural light in view details ...

This is a digital version of a sold out physical product made from plastic credit cards. You can print these or put them on your phone for quick access at your events.

Compositional reminders to help you create dramatic imagery!

To review and help remind you to step out of your safe-zone and create more powerful compositions!

Reminders to look around you and see compositional elements to include in your imagery.

Full of award winning Beckstead imagery!

Normally $15, but grab yours today for only view details ...

This series of DVD Kits is perfect for the pro photographer looking to launch or expand on three different money making markets. All three DVD kits give you all of the necessary elements to help you move your own business into an exciting and profitable venture. We have combined three of our BEST programs and are offering them to you at an amazing price! The retail value of each DVD is $149 so the total combined is $447 but we view details ...
The Digital Photo Buzz Ultimate Lightroom Preset Bundle contains 3 powerful preset packs to give you total creative control over your photos. There are 70 total presets to unleash your creativity.

The retail price is $80 and this deal can be yours for only $39!

In 13 hours of in-depth educational material, international photographer Daniel Usenko (danielusenko.com) reveals his photography secrets.

Perfect SHOT covers everything from lens choice, to light scenarios, to interactions with your subject. Daniel teach both in lecture form and by taking the viewers behind the scenes on weddings and engagement sessions.

The Perfect EDIT covers the post-production and workflow. The viewers see every step of Daniels process explained, and can follow along with the original view details ...

Posing is the #1 problem most photographers face when it comes to photographing senior portraits. Photographers Kitchen is here to help!

These Recipe Cards include tips on posing, lighting and camera settings.

This guide includes some basic poses for that classical look, all the way to high fashion posing for the seniors who want to look like models.

These can be printed for use as a 5x7 inspirational book, or you can download it to you phone or ipad and view details ...

You get 24 gorgeous photo card templates. From whimsical to elegant, there sure will be something to please all your clients. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and rarely found Happy Hanukkah templates all in layered PSD files so you can customize colors, text and easily add your clients photos with clipping masks.
The Artsy Blackboard Bundle includes 3 sets of chalkboard type drawings. Mix and match the 3 sets to create something unique for your customers. The bundle includes a total of 35 chalk-like designs. They come as an ABR Photoshop brush file and a PNG file of each design is also included.
Family Favorites is an incredible collection for any studio to have as we have bundled up 15 of our favorite family and children products.

From albums and collages to marketing pieces and inspirational guides, you can not go wrong with this pack. All of the templates are fully layered PSD files giving you complete control over any customization desired.

Add professional quality posters custom designed to your clients sport, team, hobby and personality to your provided services. Custom posters of this quality are priceless for customers so up selling will never be a problem and once your client shows their friends and family, everyone will want one.

You save over $200 so do NOT miss out on this limited time promotion!

Get all 6 templates at an amazing price!

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